Yosiya Hondoriten

Arashiyama specialty Yuba cheese

Chewy and crunchy!

For more than 70 years in Saga-Arashiyama, Kyoto,
craftsmen of Kyoto Saga Cuisine Yosiya created “Tempura”
by incorporating Kyoto ingredients and seasonal foods into fresh fish paste
based on Japanese cooking techniques.
It is a handmade gem filled with a plump texture and the umami of fish.

Carefully selected fish paste

The base is made of smooth fish paste with the fish bones carefully removed.

No eggs or flour

Since eggs and wheat are not used, everyone from babies to the elderly could enjoy the foods.

NO. 1 Popular!

Crunchy, chewy, cheesy

Yuba cheese

[Allergen] Milk, Fish, Soy

Arashiyama specialty Yuba cheese

Freshly fried crispy yuba skin,
Chewysurimi and melted cheese
Every time you chew,
a new journey begins.

Limited quantity!

Yuba Mentai

[Allergen] Fish, Soy

Shrimp Mayo

[Allergen] Egg, Fish, Shrimp

Octopus and green onion

[Allergen] Fish

Spicy squid and chive

[Allergn] Fish, Squid

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Skewers & Noodles set

 ※Other menus available.

Kyoto Arashiyama Yosiya


Sagatenryuji Suenobaba-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 616-8385

Business hours 11:00〜17:30

TEL (075)871-0448
FAX (075)861-6300
MAIL yoyaku@yosiya.jp 


JR Sagano Line
→Saga-Arashiyama Station

Keifuku Electric Railroad (Randen)
→Arashiyama Station

Hankyu train
→Arashiyama Station

9 minutes walk

1 minutes walk

15 minutes walk