嵐野亭 Arashino Tei

Our Arashino Tei serves Japanese Cuisine menu with the view of Togetsukyo Bridge with the setting sun in the background,
mountains changing colors with each season,
cherry blossoms along the Katsura River,
and seasonal scenery from every seat and terrace.

奥の庭 Oku no Niwa

Oku no Niwa is a restaurant like a hideaway that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of Arashiyama. While strolling in Arashiyama, you can enjoy our authentic Japanese cuisine, our signature udon noodles with dashi broth. You can dine at Oku-no-niwa without a reservation.


Yosiya’s Bento can be ordered in advance with reservation.
Please call or fill out the reservation form to place your order.